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Hooked/ Looped Replacement One Side

Hooked/ Looped Replacement One Side

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Hook/ Looped Replacement One Side.

Please select the size of the hooked or looped and if you which of the ones you want replaced. 


Will be shaped like little fishing hooks.


Will be looped back into the nylon fabric. 

Color will be matched to the original unless it is a specific color we will match it as best as possible. We will contact you if it will be a noticable difference. 

The is PER velcro side if you have more than one that need to be repair please add the quantity of how many need to be replaced. This may also be just a deposit depending on the item and the size of hooped/ looped that would be replaced. If that is the case we will send you an additional invoice to your email.

Please purchase this listing before shipping your item to us. The address will be sent to you via email. We will notify you once your item arrives and once its shipped back to you we will also contact you if we have questions about the item/ items. Please email us at if you have any questons or requests.


Thank you for supporting a small business!


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