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JT Leather Crafter

Re-Edging Acrylic Finish On Purses / Bags

Re-Edging Acrylic Finish On Purses / Bags

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Re-Edging Areas

Re-Edging Acrylic Finish On Purse / Bag

 We take off the already peeling acrylic finish and add multiple layers to create the same thickness as the original.

This may only be a deposit. As the way we repair items always varies on how the item was made. Once we receive the item we will email you with the total amount or you can send us a photo before shipping it to us. We will then send you an additional invoice to your email. 


Please purchase this listing before shipping your item to us. The address will be sent to you via email. We will notify you once your item arrives and once its shipped back to you we will also contact you if we have questions about the item/ items. Please email us at if you have any questons or requests.


Thank you for supporting a small business!

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